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How's the housing market in St Albans?

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Information from the Land Registry shows that in the three-month period from Oct to Dec 2010, when 581 properties were sold, the average house price in St Albans was £436,361, -2.4% on the previous quarter and 13.0% up on last year.

Average prices for Oct to Dec 2010*

Detached £ 694,155
Semi-detached £ 422,010
Terraced £ 338,988
Flat £ 232,050
Average price £ 436,361

Asking prices for Jun 2010 and Jul 2011

These show that the average asking price in June 2011 was £403,200, but there are some interesting variations depending on property type.


Jun '10

Jun '11

£ 608,444 £ 697,709
£ 382,482 £ 400,224
£ 341,107 £ 363,871
£ 243,820 £ 220,175
Average price
£ 375,354 £ 403,200

These comparative figures were taken from the website, which tracks trends in the local housing market by analysing the number, type and price of properties sold every month. The site also ranks local estate agents by two factors: average price of the properties sold and the average selling time per property. This may be a helpful feature for potential buyers and sellers selecting an agent.

If you are buying or selling, has area guides, street rankings, house price trends and property for sale. It can also calculate a valuation range for individual properties.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) publishes regular comments, surverys and forecasts on its website. See for more information and latest reports on the housing market.

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