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About us . . . and what we can offer you

Website is independently owned and managed by St Albans residents Lis Coulthard and Philip Kenchington who run Glint Media. Since the website launched in Nov 2008, traffic has steadily grown and for the year to date (Sep 2013), we had:

over 327,500 visitors and just under one million page views.

That's Up nearly 20% on the previous year. Contact Lis & Philip.

The team

We all live and work in St Albans and think that the city and district have a lot to offer. We try to provide accurate, useful content and services, as well as being positive, friendly and fun. We're not a franchise or just a series of advertisements and 'paid-for' content. We hope that you find the site useful and we welcome your feedback.

What we offer

We support local groups, clubs and organisations by promoting their events, activities and services through:

You can join the allaboutstalbans community by:

Please let us know how we can improve the site by sending us some feedback. Thanks.

News archive

  • 26 Aug 09: selected as finalists in Community Business Awards (pdf)
  • 1 Dec 08: BookCrossing - local residents join the world's biggest free book club (pdf)