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Po Che Chinese Takeaway

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Po Che Chinese Takeaway

Chinese takeaway in the Marshalswick area of St Albans with an online ordering service via the restaurant's website. Free delivery within the immediate area. Special offers are available to registered website members.


  • Business Sector:
  • Food & Drink > Takeaway Food
  • Dates and times: Open for lunch Fri & Sat 12noon-2pm and dinner Mon to Sat 5-11pm

Address and Contact info

  • Address: 1 Wycombe Place, Marshalswick
  • Town: St Albans
  • County: Herts
  • Postcode: AL4 9RH

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From 5 Stars to 1 - review by cazikinsx
We've always eaten our Chinese at Po Che. We've moved further away twice now, and we are always relieved to find that you still deliver! We just can't get enough and no one does it better! :) *edit* 08/08/2014 - from 5 stars to 1. My partner and I have been loyal customers of Po Che for many years, often ordering on a weekly basis without any problems. As you can see above, we have always been impressed with service and quality. Tonight however, we are incredibly disappointed. We've had a couple of cold meals delivered within the last few months - something we appreciate can and does happen from time to time and when this did happen, having phoned up to explain that our food is cold, Po Che were happy to accommodate and redeliver lovely hot food - bearing in mind this has only happened once before this evening. This evening appeared to be no different; when my partner phoned up to explain our food was cold, they happily said they would redeliver. Great. The food turned up within the time they said. Great. We handed back the cold meal, and received the lovely piping hot new meal. Great. Then the delivery driver very rudely tells us we cannot order from Po Che anymore! We should get a taxi and pick it up ourselves. He argued with my partner, who had been very polite and thankful for the redelivery of hot food, telling us, still very rudely, that he won't ever deliver to us again. We were shocked at this. We phoned Po Che to find out if this was really the case, who then had the manager/owner return our call to find out what the problem was. My partner explained the situation, making sure it was clear that we’ve always appreciated good service, good food and have been loyal customers for many, many years. The manager was unsympathetic and agreed with the delivery driver that it would be inconvenient for them to deliver to us anymore and that it would be better for the kitchen not to cook for us again. Firstly, I would like to say that we have only called up regarding cold food once before – for which we were grateful for your help in replacing our order. At the end of the day, cold food is cold food, and unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of transport to pick up our own replacement order. Secondly, if you are unable to deliver to us due to a high volume of orders, or low number of delivery drivers, be polite and tell us this when we phone up – we LIKE your food and would fully understand the situation! We only contacted you with regards to cold food because it is unusual! Thirdly, DO NOT agree to redeliver food and then complain when you do so! Unless you tell us that it’s an issue for you, we can only assume that it’s something you’re happy to do. Fourthly, if you don’t want to deliver to our side of town, then do not have a delivery option for our post code! We do have a Chinese around the corner from us, but we loved Po Che so much that we continued to order from you even after we moved away from Marshalswick. Sadly it appears that this is not mutual, and we are not appreciated as customers. We really are shocked at the appalling service this evening having never experienced this before. To refuse our custom and our money after this many years of loyal service is baffling. We are disappointed, and will not be returning to Po Che in the future. 09 Aug 14
Po Che Chinese Takeaway
eeeurrgh - review by jonathan
Just awful - greasy nastiness. Maybe it's what sells, but it's awful. [Mar 12] 11 Mar 12
Po Che Chinese Takeaway
Terrible food - review by vh6666
When I used this online order chinese takeaway 3 years and 2 years ago they were great. In the last year they have been rubbish and I am calling it a day and not using them anymore as they obviously lost their way. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, todays Kung Po prawns tasted just of vinegar and the pork chop suey was virtually tasteless and came with tinned tomatoes in it!!  [Apr 11]
30 Apr 11
Po Che Chinese Takeaway
Yummy Takeaway - review by karie
What's great about Po Che, besides the high-quality of food, is that you can order online! Create your order, choose your extras, pay by credit card, schedule your delivery and it's done. No need to mess around on the phone! The crispy duck here is particularly yummy. This is the best Chinese in the St. Albans area! [Jan 11]
24 Jan 11
Po Che Chinese Takeaway
Po Che Worked For Me - review by mizwhite

I read a few negative comments about the delivery aspect of Po Che but since most people thought the food was great, I took the plunge and ordered through the website. The food was delivered within 40 minutes which I thought was very reasonable for a Friday night. Family and I loved the food and I'm sure we'll order again. [Oct 10]

24 Oct 10
Po Che Chinese Takeaway
Good food, but... - review by bluey1610

Be warned that although their food is absolutely with no doubt great,their website also gets points but they lose 2 stars from my review as their service in delivering the food to your door is not always good or reliable. The longest was 1 hour 30 mins which is just unacceptable considering you have to pay for delivery, by the time it arrived I told them to keep the food as my children were so hungry I'd cooked for them myself!

They will still charge you the delivery charge even if they are late. Even if you order well in advance online, times stated for delivery are APPROXIMATE which has been their excuse so many times that we have swapped to C- T- on Hatfield Rd. It's such a shame that they can't seem to get themselves organised as we did go back for a while to give them a second chance but nothing seemed to have changed with our delivery late again, even though they ask for an hour's notice. My advice is yes, get Po Che because the food is gorgeous, but for god's sake collect it yourself and avoid the hassel of any delivery disappointment. [Nov 08]

17 Nov 08
Po Che Chinese Takeaway


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