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Bill's Restaurant

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Bill's Restaurant

Bill's restaurant is the St Albans branch of the well-known national chain. It specialises in feel-good, all-day comfort food.

Bill's also sells a wide range of conserves and cooking products in their restaurant and via their website.

The restaurant was competely refurbished in 2018.


  • Business Sector:
  • Food & Drink > Restaurants

Address and Contact info

  • Address: 2 Chequer Street
  • Town: St Albans
  • County: Hertfordshire
  • Postcode: AL1 3XZ

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Poor - review by gk10
Ate at Bills on a Sunday 5pm for my 10 year old sons birthday. He had been there and had a nice chocolate milkshake before. A limited menu , the two items I wanted to eat were not available. Shared the meze board for starter, olives were nice everything else bland. With the items not available that I wanted ,settled on the chicken with rice. Ok as a light lunch but not for dinner and certainly not worth the money charged.. Eldest son had cheeseburger it was extremely dry and gristly. Daughter had macaroni cheese with leeks . It was basically macaroni leeks a small amount of white sauce and bread crumbs, must have ran out of cheese. Birthday boy had kids pasta and tomato sauce, fine. Wife had chicken skewers that were ok. Service was fine, even though starter was dropped in my wine glass. Seems to be busy most of the time, I will certainly not be choosing to go back. [Jun 13] 09 Jun 13
Bill's Restaurant
If it looks like a chain and feels like a chain... - review by south-sider
...then it usually is a chain and, like all chains, Bill's is a perfectly acceptable place to eat. The quirky originality of the decor in the founder's first Bill's in Lewes has been copied and mass produced to ensure that the rustic, 'distressed' brand look is consistently replicated across all 20+ (and growing) outlets. The staff are politely disinterested, the food is fine, the music is turned up a notch too high to try and create the bustling atmosphere and energy that was absent and nothing about it felt new, authentic or very exciting compared to the many independent eateries in St Albans. But that's chains for you... [May 13] 10 May 13
Bill's Restaurant
don't eat here - review by joe
friendly staff and interesting decor but the food really lets it down. I had the burger which was very poor quality meat, i had to spit out many inedable lumps of grisel. The chips were equally dissapointing, they were dry, cardboardy and stuck together. A burger that cost nearly £10 should at least be better than one from a van at the side of the road. My mother had avacado salad (about £6) which contained 2 sugar cube sized pieces of avacado, she was also very dissapointed. The waitress asked if our food was ok before we had bearly started so i did not take issue, a common expirience when eating out i've found. I will certainly not be eating here again and whouldn't recomend it to anyone. [May 13] 06 May 13
Bill's Restaurant
Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before - review by poodey
Each time a new restaurant opens in Snorbs, I find myself writing the same review. This one is for Bills, but you could pretty much interchange any of the big chain restaurant names. So, here we go. The decor is impressive. Someone (the people behind the Ivy) have spent a pretty penny making the old Wetherspoons and short-lived Baroque look, well, pretty. It's also huge. 180+ covers, we reckoned. Tables are close together which made for a good atmosphere on a half full Wednesday night, but I imagine would be rather oppressive if they were chocker. Service is friendly, welcoming and slick. But the food ... oh, how disappointing. A run of the mill menu of burgers, fish finger sarnies and mac'n'cheese failed to inspire. And it's quite a big menu. When the food came it looked as it tasted - nice enough, but nothing to get excited about. It's reasonable value, but for the same prices you'd get much better and more interesting food in, say, Lussmans. Overall, a rather uninspiring visit. Sorry, Bill. [Apr 13] 04 Apr 13
Bill's Restaurant


User Rating: 2 out of 5  ( 4 reviews )

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